Our Vision

The Best Product & Services Conveyor Company In Indonesia,To provide profitability through quality products and superior services.

Our Mission

Cost Effective & EnvironmentEnsure our partnership are founded on trust, integrity and professionalism.

Culture And Values

Integrity. Excellence. Commitment. Teamwork.

A Litte About Us

Adiprasetya Teknik was founded in 2010 in Cibinong West Java, Indonesia. Intended to fabricate products such as was founded in 2010 in Cibinong West Java, Indonesia. Intended to fabricate products such as conveyor system, bracket, impact craddle, belt cleaner, V-Plough, Roller. Over the past 4 years, the company has developed from a small-sized factory for manufacturing steel roller into one of the leading manufacturer specialized in manufacturing wide range of heavy duty conveyor rollers & frames, pulley conveyor, wire mesh, etc

Our Product

We are focus to optimize the lead time, quality and price.

Production Quality

Deep Cutting Machine

Deep cutting machine was used in our production standard. The machine itself have the advantage in high accuration , therefore it can optimize the cutting result. In other hand diffraction can be minimized.

Process Of Facing

Process of facing use to smooth down result of cutting and make path of housing bearing, with the result of guaranteed straightness between two housing bearings.

Technical Specification

Here are some technical specifications that we provide, you can see more.

Do you wanna see our technical specification

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